Feb 14

How To Find The Best Electronic Kids Toys

magic toy cube kids

I fondly remember the good old days when learning toys for kids were basic stuff, such as mathemetical flash cards, or other kinds of cardboard counting games and books and such.

The kids of today’s modern society have a much greater choice when it comes to educational toys. Most of them are eletronic, as I am sure you will have guessed by taking a look at the giant magic electro cube in the image in this post.

When talking about electronic toys, video games come to mind. But there’s more than just video games to keep your kids entertained!

Have you ever considered buying your kids walkie talkies? These are a great educational toy that will keep your child busy for weeks to come. It’s pretty good for socializing if you ask me.

The walkie talkie is a device that was first invented for use on the battlefield by a guy named Al Gross. But these kinds of 2 way radio communicators have come a long way since then.

These days, they are a great toy for kids to play with. It helps them become more social. Because you didn’t think your kids were going to learn everything they need to know about socializing from their Facebook and MySpace walls, did you?

When you think about it… it all makes sense.

Would you rather have your kids sit next to each other watching pixels on a screen and not talking to each other, or would you rather have them far apart outdoors, but talking to each other?

ben 10 wireless walkie talkies for kidsIf you chose the latter, then I highly recommend that you take a look at this page. It’s a great read about how kids can have loads of fun with walkie talkies. These are definitely the best invention I’ve seen in a long time.

Ever since I got my kids a pair of these, they’ve been playing outside for hours. They’re pretending to be tiny little policemen and whatnot. It’s really cute.

I can’t believe the batteries that came with these radios have lasted as long as they have. Thank god they are rechargeable. I wouldn’t want to spend a small fortune on batteries for a cheap toy like this.